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Giclee Prints

Pronounced Zhee-CLAY, Giclée is a Fine Art Reproduction process using computer controlled, state-of-the-art equipment, which produces highly-detailed, accurate reproductions of artwork using archival-quality, non-fade, pigmented inks that fuse with the paper or canvas surface.

Similar to ink-jet in raw concept, but vastly superior, the specialised reproduction equipment is made to apply computer-controlled, microscopic dots of ink precisely measured at a resolution of nearly 3000 dots per inch.

A limited edition is created when the number of prints reproduced is “limited” to a finite number, by the artist and the publisher to create a rarity for the benefit of the collector. By combining the skill and expertise of craftsmen with the world’s leading printing technology, stunning colour saturation and definition is achieved. 

An open edition print is not limited by number , so whilst retaining the high quality production process , it is generally less expensive. You will find these listed down the page under the heading Open Edition Prints , and many of our Glasgow prints are there .

If you are looking for a particular print please contact us .

Limited Edition Prints

"Last Light"
Signed Limited edition of 45
Image size 525mm x 420mm
Mounted size 765mm x 650mm
£ 399  mounted and wrapped

Dan’s entirely hand created and unique style of digital painting is a contemporary response to the vast and varied influences of the British landscape.


"Bad to the Bone (Star Wars)"
Signed Limited edition of 75
Framed Size 690 x 995mm
£ 445 - mounted and framed

Craig Davison was born in Sheffield in 1965, and had a typically rough-and-tumble, outdoors ‘60s childhood which has inspired his work ever since.

When he wasn’t riding his bike, or playing outside with his friends, Craig enjoyed drawing – art was his favourite subject at school.

But it wasn’t until the late 1980s that that passion became a career. Craig landed a job as a cartoonist on comics for pre-schoolers, drawing characters including The Shoe People, The Wombles, Huxley Pig and Bangers and Mash.

"Barra Cottage"
Signed Limited Edition of 195
SOLD OUT EDITION ( 1 available) AP
Image size 255 x 255mm
Framed size 475 x 475mm
£ 195 - mounted and framed

Ron Lawson is an artist of unique style and outstanding technique. In the relatively short time that he has been exhibiting, Ron’s work has met with phenomenal response throughout Scotland and in London, resulting in his remarkable ascendency towards a deserved reputation as the rising star of Scottish landscape painting. Born in 1960, Ron spent his early years on a farm in Mid-Lothian, Scotland before a career took him to the art studio of publishers DC Thomson in Dundee.

"Straw Bales and Willows"
Signed Limited edition of 45 *low stock
Image size 430 x 430mm
Mounted size 640 x 660mm
£ 285 - mounted

Bob Rudd was born in Suffolk in 1944 and studies at the Bath Academy of Art between 1969 and 1973, becoming a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours in 1995.

"Al Fresco, Rogano"
Signed Giclee Print
Mounted Size 695 x 600mm
£ 140 - mounted

Peter is originally from Dorset and graduated from St. Martin’s in London in 1986 when he was a finalist in the prestigious ‘Readers Digest Young Illustrators Award’. After graduating, he practised as a freelance artist and illustrator until 1990 when he and his wife opened the Framework Gallery in Troon, Ayrshire.

"Blustery Showers, Loch Coruisk, Skye"
Signed Limited Edition of 195
Mounted size 695 x 535mm
£ 135  - mounted 

Peter McDermott entered the West Surrey College of Art & Design at the age of 15, becoming the college’s youngest student. After 5 years formal training, and following a period of 18 years spent in London where he rose to the position of Creative Director within a highly respected agency, Peter McDermott felt led to change direction, return to the country of his father, and pursue his first love, watercolours.

Signed Limited Edition of 195
Image size 710mm x 430mm
Mounted size 930 x 670mm
SOLD OUT EDITION (No.6 available)
£ 650 mounted and framed

Iain Faulkner was born in Glasgow in 1973 where he was raised and educated. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art. From the onset of his professional career, the fashionable and trendy routes of contemporary and conceptual art, adopted by many of his peers, was not an option. He chose instead to follow the more difficult and demanding path of figurative painting wherein clear, concise yardsticks of competence, draughtsmanship and painterly skills can be measured and judged, warts and all.

Signed Limited Edition of 295
Image size 200 x 250mm
£ 60 print only

Georgina graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002 with a BA (Hons) Visual Communication, specialising in Drawing, Painting and Illustration. She continued her studies for a further year, studying Teacher Training at Bath Spa University. In 2008 she was awarded the David Cargill Award at The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts for her painting 'Perfect Match'. She has been included in many group exhibitions throughout the UK and the continuing popularity of her work has been recognized with solo shows now in the offering.

"Amazonian Prince"
Signed Limited Edition of 95
Image size 785 x 530mm
£ 350 (print only)*framing available

Steve is self taught using mainly oils and is rapidly becoming known as one of the top wildlife painters in the world, he is also recognized as one of the worlds leading aviation artists, having painted many commissioned pieces for both the United States Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Since 1995 Steve has concentrated more and more on painting the natural world in it's infinite diversity. Steve says, 'My inspiration comes from the places I have traveled and the animals and landscapes around them.

"Glasgow Moonlight"
Signed limited edition of 125
Image size 575 x 575mm
Framed size 790 x 790mm
From £275 mounted and framed

Keith’s cityscapes seek to add an air of romance - capturing magical moments, memories and dreams. Creating using the most advanced 3D modelling techniques, Keith composes each city scape with the most incredible detail. Each item in the picture is sculpted whether it be a person, a vehicle or even a cloud, so each piece is the product of many long hours spent in the studio.

Signed limited edition of 195* low stock
Image size 230 x 245mm
Mounted size 400 x 420mm
£299 mounted / from £330 framed

Quentin Blake was born in the suburbs of London in 1932 and has drawn ever since he can remember.He went to Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, followed by National Service.  Then he studied English at Downing College, Cambridge, going on to do a postgraduate teaching diploma at the University of London, followed by life-classes at Chelsea Art School.

"Eat Your Greens"
Signed Limited Edition of 50
Image size 250 x 225mm
Framed size 435 x 415mm
£ 125 - mounted and framed

Simon Laurie is a contemporary Scottish landscape and still life artist, who's paintings are characterised by references to Scottish life and society. Laurie was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1982 to 1988. He was elected a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours (RSW) in 1991 and the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) in 2000. He has won many prestigious awards and his work is held in many public, private and corporate collections.

"Megan and the Bone Throne"
Signed Limited Edition of 95
Image size 560 x 700mm
Framed size 750 x 910mm
£ 435 mounted and framed

Tom Lewis is a premium degree pencil wizard, and mouse master of the first order. Born in Birmingham in 1979, his studio is currently on an industrial estate in Tottenham, perhaps one of the most beautiful and visually inspiring places on earth.

Limited Edition Screenprint of 64
Image size 480 x 620mm
Framed size 680 x 820mm
£ 420 mounted and framed

Originally from Hampshire, Harry came to Bristol to study and has hung around Somerset ever since; unfashionably honest (he has a instinctive mistrust of 'high art' and all the BS that comes with it) he quotes Hockney, George Herriman (creator of the Krazy Kat comic strip) and Beatrix Potter as influences, but their work never contained quite so much obvious menace.

"Beach Babe"
Signed Limited Edition of 95
Image size 580 x 580mm
Framed size 855 x 865mm
WAS £ 395 NOW £ 275 mounted and framed

Marie Louise studied fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art in Dundee, gaining a BA(hons) and Masters in Fine Art in 2005. Marie’s paintings can be found in St Andrews Museum, The Stirling Smith Museum and many private collections across the UK.

Signed Limited Edition of 125
Mounted with black slip and framed
Image Size 560 x 450mm
Framed Size 900 x 730mm
£ 290

Kathryn Callaghan lives and works in Northern Ireland. Working primarily in paint, pastel and ink, she takes much of her inspiration from local life and it’s environment. She draws inspiration from what she sees around her - the gentle, rolling countryside, the tranquility of Strangford Lough, the drama of the Mourne Mountains, and the bustling, thriving city of Belfast to name but a few references. She is a graduate of Belfast Metropolitan College and the University of Ulster and has been painting since childhood.

"Golden Dusk"
Signed limited edition of 35
Mounted size 740 x 850mm
£ 399

Ron Bolt was born in Toronto, Canada in 1938. He trained at Northern Secondary School, graduating as gold medallist, with further studies at the Ontario College of Art. He holds an Associateship Diploma at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.


"Boats and Bouys"
Signed Limited Edition of 95
Image size 560 x 210mm
Mounted size 745 x 400mm
£ 100 mounted 

Fiona Matheson, born in 1964 in Aberdeen, is an established visual artist who lives and works in the Highlands where she successfully exhibits her original work. Her contemporary fresh images reflect the rich culture and heritage of Scotland.

As an Artist, Fiona’s relationship with the Scottish landscape is deep rooted. She comes from a family of generations of crofters in the Highlands and farmers in Aberdeenshire.

"In the Ghetto"
Signed Limited Edition of 95
Image size 350 x 350mm
Framed size 540 x 540mm
£ 195 mounted and framed

Northampton born and bred, from an apprenticeship in sign-writing supplemented by pin-striping hot rods and motorbikes, he packed his bags and headed to Europe to live as a pavement artist in street art & graffiti. From Europe he migrated to the surfing communities of Cornwall, producing T-shirt designs and illustrations for the surfing industry.

"Where's the Duchess?"
Official collector's edition of 495
Image size 210 x 260mm
Framed size 440 x 500mm
£ 115 mounted and framed

Helen Oxenbury is among the most popular and critically acclaimed illustrators of her time. Helen Oxenbury has illustrated numerous books for children including Smarties Book Prize-winning Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell; We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen; as well as her classic board books for babies. Helen Oxenbury won the Kate Greenaway Medal for Alice in Wonderland. Helen Oxenbury lives in London.

"I love you as high as I can reach"
Signed Limited Edition of 195*very rare*
Image 375 x 300mm
Mounted size 565 x 500mm
Mounted £ 199 / framed from £ 250

Anita Jeram studied Art at Manchester and through her tutor she was introduced to Walker 
Books. Her first book, Bill's Belly Button was published the year following her graduation and 
second, It was Jake! was included on the National Curriculum SAT reading list. Her most 
recent success has been her illustrations for Guess How Much I Love You, written by Sam 
McBratney, with over a million copies printed in the first year of publication. It was shortlisted 
for the 1994 Kurt Maschler Emil Award, for the 1994 British Book Awards (Illustrated 

"Merlin's Crag"
Signed Limited Edition of 195
Image size 380 x 370mm
Mounted size 600 x 600mm
£ 125 - mounted and sealed

Ritchie Collins was born in Prestwick, on the West Coast of Scotland in 1978. He has painted all his life and studied painting and illustration at the College of Building and Printing, Glasgow before settling in Edinburgh.

Ritchie Collins art is influenced by the Scottish coast and wild countryside. Celtic art, myths and Scottish folklore are a constant source of inspiration. Vibrant colour simple form and a creative use of texture are woven together to give the original paintings their unique magical quality.

"Dog in the Garden"
Signed limited edition of 45*SOLD OUT
Mounted size 810 x 690mm
Framed size 870 x 755mm
£ 485 framed (1 available)

The painter and print maker Mary Sumner was born in rural Northamptonshire. Her chief artistic interests revolve around interpreting the natural world of her immediate surroundings in her Mid-Devon home. Gardens, countryside and animals are all recurring themes in her paintings.


Working mainly in acrylics, which readily lend themselves to her characteristic exuberant use of colour, her work also is often anchored in humorous and quirky detail.


"Recline on Blue Uchikake Kimono"
Signed limited edition of 95
Image size 500mm x 500mm
£290 mounted and framed

Stephanie Rew was born in Carlisle in 1971 and spent her early years in Edinburgh. She studied art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee.

Signed limited edition of 95
Image size 290mm x 250mm
Print size 395 x 350mm
£ 135

Fine Art Trade Guild award winning best selling published artist 2008 is testament to Sue Howell's ever increasing popularity. Sue Howells is a self-trained artist now working full-time as a painter. Known for her interpretation of landscapes and buildings she has developed a bold and vivid style to express her view of the world and bring perspective to her painting. She works mainly in watercolours but loves to experiment with other media.

"Paddling Pools"
Signed limited edition of 400
Image size 635mm x 320mm
£120  print only

Steven is a completely self taught artist. He was born in Colne, East Lancashire in 1955 and still lives in the area with his wife and four children. Looking at the quality of Steven’s work today, it is hard to believe that he showed no talent for art as a schoolboy. He only began to paint when he was 27, during a period of redundancy and illness. He felt the urge to copy a picture of a Kingfisher and, to his surprise; he found he could do it with ease. This newly found talent has continued to flow and develop ever since.

"Duelling Fiddles"
Signed limited edition of 250
Image size 500mm x 330mm
£155 mounted and framed

Andrew Sinclair (born 1975) is a notable Scottish figurative painter and gallery owner based in the remote West Highlands of Scotland. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (drawing and painting) from Duncan of Jordanstone, Andrew has been receiving much recognition for his style of painting, exhibiting across the UK and generating an impressive following, which include the likes of TRH Duchess and Duke of Rothesay.

Open Edition Prints

"Glasgow Soup"
Signed Giclee Print
Image Size 420 x 405mm
Mounted size 570 x 560mm
£ 140 - mounted and sealed

Any Glaswegian will instantly recognise the buildings, place names and ‘Glasgology’ in Scottish artist Mark McPhelim’s work. Mark started his career in design and advertising agencies, and the artwork he now creates as Breuk combines strong concepts with Scottish icons and wit using a graphic designer’s eye for composition. 

"Gallery of Modern Art"
Image size 250 x 250mm
Mounted size 400 x 400mm
£ 40 - Mounted and sealed

I studied painting at Wimbledon School of Art and gained a 1st Class Honours degree. After graduating I worked as a drawing office manager for several years which gave me the opportunity to develop my drawing skills. I’ve always been attracted to the urban environment, and I love the feel of a busy city. I paint very quickly and loosely, but it must happen within the context of an accurate drawing, which holds the paint in.

Open Edition Giclee Print
Mounted Size 680 x 680mm
£ 75 - mounted

Chris spent his early years in Africa and on returning to Aberdeen attended Robert Gordons School. On leaving school Chris went to Aberdeen College of Commerce to study graphic design for two years. He then went to Grays School of Art and studied sculpture and fine art for four years. Chris has worked as a professional artist since 1983.


"Tolbooth, Glasgow"
Giclee Open Edition
Image size 400 x 400mm
Framed size 550 x 550mm
from £75 mounted and framed

Matylda Konecka is an artist from Wroclaw (Poland), born into an established and respected family of artists. She graduated from Landscape Architecture at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Moving to England in 2010 she set up her art studio in a 19th century Victorian vicarage, specialising in painting, illustration and graphic design. She has been awarded prizes in several major competitions, and has had a number of individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe. She has also designed album covers for several well established musicians and bands.

"Tree and Geese"
Open edition Giclee Print
Image size 500 x 500mm/700 x 700mm
£ 35 / £ 60 print

Sandra Vick studied at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with honours, winning awards and a scholarship for further study at Masters level. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art in 2009.

"Train Spotters"
Open edition Giclee Print
Image size  500 x 500mm/ 700 x 700mm
£ 35 / £ 60   print 

Stan lives and works from his studio at home in Glasgow. He is a time served draughtsman, from the 'not that long ago' days of drawing boards, pencils and pens, and he has had a long career in engineering. While he took the engineering route early on he has always painted recreationally and began exhibiting and selling his work when he joined a local art group 20 or so years ago.


"The Girl at the edge of the World /c 13"
Signed Giclee Print- mounted and framed
Size 305 x 280mm
£ 129

David graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee with a degree in Illustration and Printmaking. After graduating, he taught at the college in the Design School from 1994 to 1998. Since 1997 he has exhibited regularly both in Europe and the UK including with the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts in Scotland.

Open Edition Signed Giclee Print
Image size 340 x 260mm
Framed size 540 x 470mm
£ 85 mounted and framed

Ev Hogarth started as a teacher for 5 years then branched out as a baker and cake designer.She owned Top Tier Designer Cakes in Hyndland for 24 years before selling the business and retiring (and also acquiring 5 grand children)
She has painted on and off for many years mostly in water colours but has flourished recently with  painting in acrylic. She has attended classes at Glasgow Art School., and has also enjoyed portrait and life drawing classes at various locations. She has exhibited at 2 local art exhibitions, charity auctions and as a guest artist at The Glasgow Art Club.

"Afternoon Walk"
Open Edition Giclee print
Image size 332 x 252mm
Framed size 555 x 485mm
£ 79 mounted and framed

Scott McGregor was born in 1965 and raised in the coastal town of Largs, Scotland. After finding a passion for drawing at an early age, he graduated from the Illustration & Graphic Design from Building & Printing College in Glasgow and started work as an illustrator. He also worked as a 2D Graphic Artist and went on to become a 3D Modeller for 12 years before becoming a full-time traditional artist.

"Glasgow City Chambers"
Open edition giclee Print
Image size 550 x 500mm
Image size 275 x 250mm
Medium print £ 33 / Small print £ 15

"I’m Ismael Pinteno, I grew up on the streets of Algeciras and I currently live in Edinburgh. My father’s illustrations were a big influence, which lead me to my artistic career. I have a degree in Fine Arts but I believe all artists must be self-educated too. When people ask about my career I tell them I am constantly recycling myself. I’ve participated in many exhibitions in my life and won awards too. I was drawing all the characters for a documentary called ‘30 Years of Darkness’ which was a finalist in Goyas Films Award for best film documentary."

"Floods,Reflections at Kelvingrove Gates"
Open edition Giclee Print
Image size 270 x 180mm
Framed size 470 x 380mm
£ 55 mounted and framed

Bryan Evans is an artist who depicts in his paintings and prints the rainy streets and tenement closes of Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish towns and cities.

"Meandering Minstrels"
Open Edition giclee print
Image 370 x 105mm
Framed size 595 x 320mm
£55 mounted and framed

William Dobbie was brought up in the East End of Glasgow, one of two children. His artistic abilities were recognised during his school years where he won gold and silver medals for art. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1977. Since then he has built his reputation at home and abroad. His work hangs in private collections in America, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as throughout the British Isles.

"Templeton Carpet Factory"
Giclee Print
From £79 mounted and framed

Blythe Scott -"There are buildings and then there is architecture. The difference for me is that architecture exudes a presence which takes hold of my senses. It speaks to me. Growing up in an architecturally rich city, I have become passionate about architecture, new and old. From the patterns, structures and reflections of modern buildings, to the rhythms, irregularities and surface textures of the ancient, I have found constant inspiration in my own city, Glasgow, and various locations in Europe, America and the Far East. Sometimes, the smallest and most subtle decorative details will be my starting point.

"Windows in the West"
Open edition Print
Image size 410 x 320mm
Print size 540 x 445mm
£ 35 print/ from £80 mounted and framed

Avril Paton, who was born in Glasgow in 1941 during the wartime blitz is the daughter and grand-daughter of Hugh and Donald Paton who were both landscape painters on the Isle of Arran. Mardi Gillies, her mother, met and married Hugh when they were both attending Glasgow School of Art in the late thirties.