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Contemporary limited edition prints(Giclee) and original work from a variety of artists including Stephanie Rew , Georgina McMaster , Iain Faulkner , Matylda Konecka , Ron Lawson , Keith Drury , Donald MacLeod , Simon Laurie , Robb Hain , Graeme McKean , Sue Howells , Stuart Herd , Jaqueline Marr , Lesley Anne Derks , Bryan Evans , William Dobbie , Andrew Sinclair and others. 

We have a large variety of framing choices to suit style and budget. 


Keith Drury

New Glasgow series by contemporary artist Keith Drury .

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"Keith’s cityscapes seek to add an air of romance - capturing magical moments, memories and dreams. Creating using the most advanced 3D modelling techniques, Keith composes each city scape with the most incredible detail. Each item in the picture is sculpted whether it be a person, a vehicle or even a cloud, so each piece is the product of many long hours spent in the studio."